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Completed Miniatures of a Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer and Laplant-Choate CAB-1 Scraper





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What you are about to view here is an amazing feat of technical skill by the owner of this web site. Ray Rigaud has successfully replicated, in miniature at 1:10 scale, a Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer and Laplant-Choate CAB-1! I have witnessed first-hand his long painstaking quest to recreate the originals in great detail. I think you will agree with me that if an introduction was not used here to describe these miniatures, one might think they were looking at the real vehicles long lost in storage by the US Military! Take a look around in the Gallery to compare with photos of the actual vehicles. Please note that the following photos are quite large and will require extra loading time in your browser. Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this page to pages containing additional views of this amazing project. Unbelievable Ray!


Partial completion views of the Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer prior to paint being applied showing intricate hardware, detailed assembly and welds.

Detailed rear view of completed miniature Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer.

Detailed rear view of miniature Clark CA-1 Airborne Bulldozer and hitched Laplant-Choate CAB-1 Scraper.  Rubber tires were hand molded by Ray's talented daughter Noelle Rigaud.



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