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Images of historical interest and content related to Clark Airborne equipment.

The following historical photographs and comments (in parenthesis & in color) were submitted by Darrel Smoker (unless otherwise indicated), images and original captions courtesy of the National Archives.

(above) A grader at work at the Myitkyina air strip. It was from this strip that Capt. Allred and his fellow-pilots of the 10th Air Force took off to blast hell out of the Japs at the town of Myitkyina, less than an air mile away. It was also the kind of strip that you wouldn't have driven your car over at the speed of 30 miles an hour, not if you wanted to preserve your car (Burma).

(above, left) Myitkyina Strip Invasion - The Airborne Engineers prepare the Myitkyina Air Base in Burma, which was captured by Merrill's Marauders and Chinese troops, for the landing of the 1st Troop Carrier Squadron. The cooperation of these troops with the fighter-planes made a strategic base for the capture of the city. Pictured is a small caterpillar tractor tied securely inside a glider. Shingbwyang, Burma. 17 May 1944. (Note fire extinguisher mounted below seat.)

Glider-landing Aviation Engineers haul their glider off the Myitkyina Airstrip during the attack in which our troops took the airfield from the Japanese.

A LaTourneau grader being pulled by a tractor of the Airborne Engineers attached to the 1st Air Commando Force at Tamu, Burma. (Misidentified LaPlant Choate CAB)

Burma - Smashed gliders at "Broadway" - invasion Field X, the morning after the night landing.
(There is a winged insignia on grill of Clark.)

Freak glider crash at Broadway Field, Burma, on 5-6 March 44. Tractor, carried in glider, was shot out upon landing without injuring personal.

Clarkair field test: Early test pictures from Clark archives.
(image courtesy of Joe Swelnis)

Clark Trailer as tried for the Corp of Engineers

Winter Weiss two-wheel tilting type Clarkair Tractor Trailer

Tilting type Clarkair Tractor Trailer showing two front turnbuckles in place when trailer is empty

Tilting type Clarkair Tractor trailer showing turnbuckle method of attaching tractor to trailer

Showing method of tilting trailer in preparation for loading tractor

Clark becoming a trailer with it own stub axels.

Ripper attachment for Clarkair Trail Tractor manufactured by La Plante Choate Co.

Root blade for Clarkair.

Angle blade for the Mountain divisions.

Westover Field trials of airborne equipment.




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